To recall a few names of such enterprising spirits, Dr.U. Rama Rau, P.K. Krishna Rao, Dr. U. Venkat Rao, Sri.P.R. Rao, Bantwal Seetharama Rao, Tumbe Krishna Rao, Dr. Pangal Srinivasa Rao, Dr. Kalmadi Srinivasa Rao and Dr. U.L. Narayana Rao.  These enthusiastic gentlemen formed an informal group in 1912 and met probably in their houses or offices and called this group as South Kanara Dravida Brahmins Association. They started providing these new immigrants with food and shelter as well as money to further their interest in studies.  By turn of the century these illustrious predecessors had prospered and made a name for themselves in fields of medicine, law, engineering and also in Government service.

Later in 1920-s and 1930-s came an Exodus.  List of such successful entrepreneurs in the field of hospitality (catering) and business is exhaustive.  To name only a few – K. Krishna Rao of Woodlands Hotel, K. Gopala Achar of Mysore Café, K. Seetharama Rao of Modern Café (later Dasaprakash Hotel), Hebbar brothers in Civil Engineering, Kalinga Rao and his son Dr. P. Rama Rau, Dr. P. Venkata Giri, Dr. B. Venkat Rao, Dr. H.L. Narayana Rao.

SKDB Past and Present Presidents
Year Name
1945-46 to 1946-47 Sri. Bantwal Seetharama Rao
1947-48 to 1949-50 Dr. P. Venkara Giri
1950-51 to 1956-57 Sri. K.Y. Adiga
1957-58 to 1960-61 Dr. P. Srinivasa Rao
1969-70 to 28.06.90 Sri. K. Krishna Rao
28.06.90 to 21.03.93 Dr. G.R. Bhat
21.03.93 to 18.12.94 Sri. B.L.N Rao
18.12.94 to 31.03.96 Sri. P. Ramakrishna Aithal
31.03.96 to 14.12.97 Dr. U. Sridhara Rao
14.12.97 to 28.10.01 Sri. A. Manjunatha Alse
28.10.01 to 25.08.02 Sri. K. Lakshminarayana Rao
25.08.02 to 03.10.04 Sr. U. Mohan Rao
03.10.04 to 13.08.06 Sri. R.S. Upadhya
13.08.06 to 10.08.08 Smt. Nalini S. Acharya
10.08.08 to 08.08.2010 Sri. M. Bheema Bhat
08.08.2010 to 23.11.2012 Sri. P. Narayana Bhat
23.11.2012 to 03.08.2014 Sri K.Murali Rao
03.08.2014 to 07.08.2016 Dr.M.G.Bhat
07.08.2016 to Present Smt. Amitha Prithvi

Doyens of the Community

We have also started recognising prominent members of our association who have made significant contribution to our community by naming them as “Doyens of our community” and specifically honouring them with citation during the Annual General Body Meeting.

In 2003 : Late Sri. K. Krishna Rao, Founder Woodlands Gr.of hotels (Posthumous Award)
Late Sri. R. Aniruddha Rao – Eminent Banker (Posthumous Award)
Dr. G.R. Bhat – Medicine
Sri. K.P. Acharya – Community Service

In 2004 : Prof. M. Mariappa Bhat – for Kannada Literature (Posthumous Award)
Dr. U. Sridhara Rau – Eminent Dermatologist
Sri. Udupi. B. Jayaram – for Art & Culture

In 2005 :  Late Sri. K.P. Adiga – legal services (Posthumous Award)
Udupi. Laxminarayan – Eminent Bharathanatyam dance exponent
Dr. B.L.N. Rao – Eminent Dental Surgeon

In 2006 : Sri. U. Mohan Rao for Professional Excellence & Community Service
Sri. A. Ramadas Rao for Catering Industry & Public Service

In 2007 : Sri. Renjala Srinivas Upadya for Catering Industry & Community Service

In 2008: Sri. K. Ramgopal in the field of Legal and Community Services.

In 2009: Smt. Nalini Sridhar Acharya in recognition of her valuable contributions in the field of Social & Community Services

In 2010: Sri P.B. Narasimha Rao, popularly known as “SIMHA” was honoured for excelling in the field of Art.
Dr. B.Goplakrishna Rao, noted ophthalmologist, eye surgeon and philanthropist, was honoured in absentia. The award was received by his son, Dr.Manjunatha Rao.