About the SKDB Association

The South Kanara Dravida Brahmin Association is a unique and prestigious organisation serving the members of the South Kanara Community for almost a century now, marking its centenary year in 2011-2012. It was the vision, hard work and united service of our founder leaders that has made SKDB Association reach great heights and conquer even greater heights year after year. To survive a century of existence is no mean achievement.


“Recieve with hundred hands and give with thousand arms” – Atharva Veda:3.24.5


An association to bring together all South Kanara Dravida Brahmins together for the benefit of the whole community. The main purpose of the Association then was and even today is to help deserving poor Students seeking higher studies by granting scholarship.


  • Dispersed more Rs.6 lakhs towards student scholarships
  • Record collection of donations during AGM meeting in 2010
  • Inaugration of up to date website of SKDB, Chennai